Thinking about getting in shape this year?
No… Not like that!

We want to get you in the best shape of your life…Marketing wise!

This is the kind of fit you can get without any blood, sweat or tears!

Would you like to know the lessons learned from hundreds of thousands of pounds marketing spend?

Would you like a summary of findings from over £25,000 spent learning Online Marketing?

Would you also like to know the 3 KEY THINGS that :
Make large brands successful?
Make products launch faster?
Make services sell more consistently?
Establish & go-to experts above the competition?

Great… That’s exactly what we are going to show you!!

We will be covering all marketing channels with the majority of our time being spent looking at Online Marketing and Social Media.

No longer will it be a minefield, No longer will you invest in marketing products or services that are not delivering results!!

You can’t put a price on this event, well you probably could, just write down the amount you invested in marketing and didn’t get a return, or, the amount of additional revenue you would have liked to see last year… 😉

BOOK your ticket to your next event today and secure your seat.
Unique & Engaging: Take your business to the next level with us.
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James O’Rawe

James is an ‘intrapreneur’, successfully driving innovation and development within commercial organisations during a career in the regional press that started in the 90’s. In 2017 he was offered the opportunity to bring all his experience to the not-for-profit organisation Peterborough Workspace Ltd as the new General Manager.

Karl Goyns

Karl is a multiple business entrepreneur who built a business alongside his ‘career’. In 2015, Karl decided to leave his career due to an overwhelming growth in business. He has developed expert skills in branding, marketing and sales which he has developed over the years under expert guidance from some of the world’s foremost experts. 


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