Imaging knowing the secret recipe behind launching, any product, any service, or any business…

Imaging having 3 proven methods for generating revenue either as a new business or a new revenue stream for an existing business…

You better clear the evening of Thursday 14th November and make sure you are available!
This will be the HIGHEST VALUE event we have put on yet.
Those that have been to our events before know we do not mince our words when it comes to the content of our events and this will be no different.

We will be giving you the exact proven process that you need when considering the launch of new products or new services.

We will then be going on to reveal 3 REAL WORLD streams of revenue income that anybody can either add to an existing business or start as a new business.
For each stream you will be given the actual steps taken and the actual results you can expect along with the average time investment. By revealing these 3 business ideas in detail, not only can you choose to implement them for yourself, but you will also be rehearsed in the method for you to assess and introduce any future business or business idea.

This is an evening that will get your business juices flowing!

It will also equip you with knowledge gained only through hundreds of thousands of pounds of investment and a combination of successes, failures and all manner of experiences and emotions in-between.

DO NOT MISS the opportunity to fast-track your business without the same expense and hassle! GRAB YOUR TICKET NOW!!

BOOK your ticket to your next event today and secure your seat.

  • Unique & Engaging: Take your business to the next level with us.
  •  Food & Refreshments: Essential to the networking experience 😉
  •  Comfortable & Purposeful Venue: Easy to reach with free parking.


James O’Rawe

James is an ‘intrapreneur’, successfully driving innovation and development within commercial organisations during a career in the regional press that started in the 90’s. In 2017 he was offered the opportunity to bring all his experience to the not-for-profit organisation Peterborough Workspace Ltd as the new General Manager.

Karl Goyns

Karl is a multiple business entrepreneur who built a business alongside his ‘career’. In 2015, Karl decided to leave his career due to an overwhelming growth in business. He has developed expert skills in branding, marketing and sales which he has developed over the years under expert guidance from some of the world’s foremost experts. 


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