Prepare to move… MOVE!


With the advent of social media being engrained in everyday life, you are subjected to a number of life or death situations… or at least situations that people would have you believe are life or death.

Very few people have actually been in a life or death situation thankfully, BUT…there are a select few, an elite few that lived in a world where life or death was their daily business.

One of those elite few is our next speaker, Mr Jem Hills.

Jem is a highly regarded coach and mentor having established steadfast roots in business after his career in the military. Jem has a very unique and enthralling story. As someone who was in the special forces for 20 years Jem was expert broker in the currencies of fear, motivation, discipline and attention to detail. Jem dined on a three course meal of Adrenaline, conflict and fatigue for breakfast. Having become an expert in security, risk and crisis management Jem departed the military after an exemplary career to offer his expertise to dignitaries in the private sector.

Alongside building a very successful business Jem continued his service to the public with his skills as a coach and mentor. Over the years Jem has amassed a memoir of awe inspiring and motivating scenarios for business owners to draw inspiration from.
Jem will be sharing wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm with you at our next event, it is our utter privilege to have Jem with us and we know you’re going to have an outstanding evening!


James O’Rawe

James is an ‘intrapreneur’, successfully driving innovation and development within commercial organisations during a career in the regional press that started in the 90’s. In 2017 he was offered the opportunity to bring all his experience to the not-for-profit organisation Peterborough Workspace Ltd as the new General Manager.

Karl Goyns

Karl is a multiple business entrepreneur who built a business alongside his ‘career’. In 2015, Karl decided to leave his career due to an overwhelming growth in business. He has developed expert skills in branding, marketing and sales which he has developed over the years under expert guidance from some of the world’s foremost experts. 


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